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January’s Book of the Month

This month’s book ‘Killing Time’ has kindly been recommended to us by the author himself! Mr Ian McFadyen!

‘When a local reporter receives a taunting text message claiming responsibility not just for one local murder but for two, Inspector Carmichael wonders whether the quiet Lancashire hamlet of Hasslebury has a serial killer on the loose – or perhaps jut a very unpleasant hoaxer.

What, after all, could connect the two very different deaths? One a nameless tramp killed in a hit-and-run and the other an artist whose body was struck by an oncoming train. But when a third body is discovered…well, things start to get complicated.’  

This book is part of a series of 7, this series is available on Amazon and from most bookshops.

The other titles can be found via this link : www.bookguild.co.uk/authors/ianmcfadyen/

You can follow Ian McFadyen on Twitter: @IanMcFadyen1

& Facebook: facebook.com/ianmcfadyenauthor



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