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Neighbourhood Plan News

Ware Town Council has submitted an application to East Herts Council requesting that the entirety of the Town Council’s boundary, excluding those areas included in the North and East of Ware Site Allocation, be designated as a Neighbourhood Area. The reason for this is that the strategic sites will be covered by the Masterplanning process, led by East Herts Council.

East Herts Council have opened the required consultation on the area designation, which will close on 19 July. Details of the consultation can be seen on the East Herts website https://www.eastherts.gov.uk/article/36285/Ware-Town-Council-applies-for-Neighbourhood-Area

The Town Council has agreed Terms of Reference for a Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group. The Council will need to consider membership of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group at the Council meeting on 25 June.  Neighbourhood Plan Forum

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