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Please do not feed the pigeons

Pigeons are drawn to an area when people put out food for them.

Pigeons cause problems because they:

  • Cause damage.
  • Carry insect pests
  • Leave droppings which carry disease, create smell and cause damage

 How to help

  • Please do not feed the pigeons
  • Please dispose of litter properly

If you don’t feed them:

  • They will find their own food naturally
  • They will breed less often
  • Flocks will become smaller

Clearing up pigeon droppings can be very expensive. Droppings can also damage property, block gutters and make pavements slippery. Pigeons can carry diseases which puts our health and our children’s health at risk.

They cause problems with insect pests and food put for pigeons can attract vermin such as rats and mice.

Pigeons are natural scavengers and will find their own food source. The size of a flock is determined by the amount of food available to them. The more we feed them the more the numbers will increase. However if the food supply is reduced, the flock will reduce. They will not die of starvation; they will simply breed less often. Pigeons are wildlife they are not domesticated and they are not dependant on us to feed them.

Your act of kindness in feeding the pigeons may result in the birds becoming a problem for someone else. When there are large number of pigeons present there is more of chance that they will need to be controlled.

Thank you for your help.

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