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Annual Accounts and Audit

The audit for 2017/18 was concluded on 11 September 2017.


Ware Priory Lido Refurbishment

Contract awarded to Orion Property Group Ltd.

Tudor Square Refurbishment

Contract awarded to D Honour & Son (Landscape) Ltd.

Minor Repairs to Roofs and External Redecoration of Ware Priory

Contract awarded to MITIE Property Services UK Ltd.

Expenditure over £500







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Grants and Donations

Each year Ware Town Council awards grants to local organisations, clubs and societies. Last year Ware Town Council awarded grants totally £17,2000 to 11 local organisations.

So if you’re thinking about setting up a new group or need funds for a special project this year why not complete and return the application form

The Council’s criteria for awarding grants are:

  • to promote and encourage sports, leisure and cultural facilities
  • to encourage and support local organisations
  • to stimulate and encourage the concept of tourism and to foster civic pride

Grants Awarded to Community Organisations

Land owned by Ware Town Council

  • Ware Cemetery, Watton Road and Wulfrath Way
  • Warehouse Field Allotments, Widbury Hill
  • Crosspath Field Allotments, King George Road

As sole Trustee of the Priory Charity, Ware Town Council owns the Priory and grounds including Fletcher’s Lea and Ware Lido.

Council Tax

The Council Tax paid by Ware residents includes the spending requirements of Hertfordshire County Council, East Herts District Council, Hertfordshire Police Authority and Ware Town Council. The District Council is the charging authority responsible for collecting your Council Tax on behalf of all four authorities.

Ware Town Council receives neither revenue support from Central Government, unlike the District and County Councils, nor funding from local businesses and retailers through their business rates, the National Non Domestic Rate. Business rates are collected by the District Council on behalf of the government, reallocated and paid back to the District Council in the form of a grant.

Ware Town Council is funded by Ware householders and from the income generated from the services we provide, for example allotment rents and burial fees. Each year, the Town Council calculates the money it needs to raise to provide its services. Next, we add the level of subsidy paid to the Priory Charity *. We then deduct the income collectable from our activities to leave an amount we require to spend on these services for the year ahead. This sum, called the Precept, is the amount the District Council collects on our behalf as a proportion of the total Council Tax paid by Ware residents. This is then paid to us in two instalments.

For the year ending 31 March 2018, our Precept is £584,183. This is £79.94 per household for a Band D property, an increase of 1%. If you live in a Band D house, you will be contributing £79.94 or 4.88% of your total Council Tax Bill of £1,636.86 to Ware Town Council in 2017/18.

* Ware Town Council is the Trustee of the Priory Charity and is responsible for the administration and management of the property of the Charity in accordance with the provisions of the scheme approved by the Charity Commissioners for England and Wales dated 30 August 1989. The Charity’s property includes Ware Priory, Fletcher’s Lea, Priory Lido, Priory Park and Public Conveniences.

Council sets its precept for 2017/18

The Town Council has agreed to set a precept of £584,183 from 1 April 2017. This represents an increase of 1% for a Band D property. The net cost of the Town Council’s services can be summarised as follows:

As Trustee of the Priory Building
Priory Building£209.447£255,627£46,180
Priory Grounds, incl Public Conveniences£900£103,213£102,313
Priory Lido£74,280£104,446£30,166
Fletcher’s Lea£68,500£109,415£40,645
Audit Fee£10,000£10,000
Miscellaneous income and costs£767£767
Loan payment Fletcher’s Lea£93,280£93,280
Total for Priory Charity£353,127£676,478£323,351
Ware Town Council Services
Closed Churchyard & War Memorial£4,664£4,664
Tourism, Leisure & Amenities£5,100£40,060£34,960
Town Twinning£2,000£2,000
Town Centre CCTV£10,600£10,600
Ware Festival£6,100£14,728£8,628
Subsidy to Priory Charity as above£353,127£676,478£323,351
Total for Ware Town Council£1,119,231£1,119,231
Precept for 2017/18£584,183

Annual Reports

An annual report of the Council’s activities is published every year and is presented to the Annual Town Meeting.

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