Ware Town Council

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Changes to how we deal with planning applications

Ware Town Council has recently reviewed its committee structure as part of a project to work more efficiently and effectively. Ware Town Council no longer has a separate planning committee.  The Town Council will no longer comment on householder applications unless specifically requested by the Ward Councillor. For larger applications, ie developments of more than one new dwelling or for new retail or employment developments, an additional Council meeting will be convened so that the Town Council can comment.

The list of planning applications received by East Herts Council will be published each week on our website.

All new applications received by the East Herts Council are available for viewing on the their Public Access system https://publicaccess.eastherts.gov.uk/online-applications/ (opens in a new window)(opens new window) . This is a simple way of keeping up-to-date with the progress of an application or viewing application decisions. You can make a comment or an objection on an application using the online system.

If you wish to comment on an application, please do this via the online system. You may also wish to contact the East Herts Councillor for your ward.

Or you can find your East Herts Councillor by following this link http://democracy.eastherts.gov.uk/mgFindMember.aspx?J=2 (opens in a new window)(opens new window)