Ware Town Council

Serving the Local Community

Changes to Ware Town Council Committees

Ware Town Council has recently reviewed its committee structure as part of a project to work more efficiently and effectively.

We previously had the following committees:

  • Finance & Resources
  • Tourism, Leisure & Amenities
  • Planning
  • Police Liaison Committee

In addition, the Finance & Resources Committee had two sub-committees:

  • Budget Sub-Committee
  • Human Resources Sub-Committee

The Council now has the following standing committees:

  • Finance & Policy
  • Community & Environment
  • Human Resources

The remit of the new committees, full details of the new structure and reason for the change is set out in the attached report. WTC new committee structure agreed 03.12.18

Membership of the new committees will be agreed at a Council meeting on 21 January 2018.