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Remembrance – with dignity and in safety

Paying tribute on Remembrance Sunday & Armistice Day         

While our usual Remembrance Sunday activities cannot take place under current circumstances, Ware Town Council has been working with Ware Branch Royal British Legion and Ware Churches to plan a way in which the Town can pay tribute with dignity and in safety.

There will be no parade this year on November 8th.  The Royal British Legion has stated that Parades may not take place and many of the uniformed Youth Organisations have been informed that they may not take part in parades.

Our Churches will be at the heart of our Remembrance this year and Services across four Churches; St. Mary The Virgin, Sacred Heart of Jesus & St. Joseph, Christ Church and Leaside are planned to take place simultaneously. Church Services are subject to strict limits on numbers and the Churches will be liaise in order that these numbers aren’t breached.  The congregations will disperse once the service is over.

There will be no formal wreath laying ceremony.  Instead, local groups who usually lay wreaths will be given allotted time slots to go along and lay their wreath in a safe fashion.  They will all be contacted shortly.  We ask that members of the public who wish to lay their own wreath take great care to abide by social distancing rules.

On November 11th  the gathering at the War Memorial will not take place. Instead we are asking the entire town to fall silent at 11am on 11th November to pay tribute in this way.  The bells at St. Mary’s will toll at 11am and throughout the two minutes,  to signify that we should all stop and reflect.   A  poignant way to bring the whole town together.