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The Priory Grounds – Coronavirus Update

The Priory Grounds

The Priory Grounds were closed at the end of March in line with the government guidance on closure of play areas and our hospitality business at The Priory and Fletchers Lea.

The recent government advice is encouraging people to get out more to exercise, taking into account social distancing, however, play areas, skate parks, multi-use games areas and outdoor gyms remain closed, as is our hospitality business. There were several factors considered when opting to keep the Priory Grounds closed, the primary one being the protection of our grounds team that are working in the area. The safety of our visitors considering some of the repairs and refurbishment we are taking the opportunity to undertake during this period. We also considered the availability of other park and recreation areas accessible in Ware took the view that there are other areas in the close proximity that could be used for exercise and recreation.

Our intention is to reopen the Priory Grounds when we can open the play area etc , or at the time when the hospitality business and council office reopens for visitors.

I am sorry that you are missing the access to the grounds which are looking lovely now and hope that you will support us in our reasons for not opening them at this time.

For more information please contact info@waretowncouncil.gov.uk