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The Town Clerk of Ware does the 2.6 challenge for Isabel Hospice!

On Saturday 25th April , the Town Clerk of Ware Town Council Mr Terry Philpott started his personal 2.6 challenge (see full details below!) in aid of Isabel Hospice, only 25 more days to go!

Hopefully by circulating his challenge as widely as we can, we can achieve a great amount of fundraising!

Please sponsor Terry and Isabel Hospice for the invaluable work that it is provided in our community.




Please feel free to share this challenge with others, hopefully together we can raise few pounds for the cause!


Terry Philpott 2.6 challenge supporting Isabel Hospice


I am a volunteer Trustee and supporter of Isabel Hospice. My challenge is to support the Hospice by completing my personal Ironman event.


A traditional Ironman Triathlon consists of a 2.4mile swim, followed by a 112-mile bike ride and a 26.22-mile run, it is considered one of the most difficult one day sporting events in the world.


My personal Ironman challenge will be every day for 26 days consisting of


  • 2.6 minutes in the shower for the swim part x 26 days.
  • 2.6 miles of running (OK maybe some walking as well!) x 26 days.
  • 26 minutes bike ride x 26 days.

Over the 26 days I will do nearly 70 miles of running / walking and over 130 miles of cycling.


I and the hospice would be grateful if you could sponsor me via my just giving page.