Ware Town Council

Serving the Local Community


Area: Approximately 1051 hectares
Population: Approximately 17,800
Offices: The Priory, High Street, Ware, Hertfordshire, SG12 9AL
Telephone: 01920 460316

Powers and Functions

The powers and functions of the council are those prescribed for Parish Councils and governed by the Local Government Act 1972. In addition the Town Council is the trustee of the Priory Charity.

The principal functions and activities are:

  • Management of the Cemetery
  • Management of the Statutory Allotment Sites
  • Maintenance of the War Memorial, Church Clock and Churchyards at St. Mary’s Church.
  • Provision of litter bins and public seats.
  • Organisation of Ware Festival and financing the various events.
  • Support and encouragement of Town Twinning with W├╝lfrath, Germany and Cormeilles-en-Parisis, France; and in its capacity as the Trustee of the Priory Charity
  • Management and Control of the Priory, Fletcher’s Lea, Children’s Play Area, Lido (heated open air swimming pool, Public Conveniences and Priory Grounds

The Town Council is the first tier of Local Government and represents views and opinions of the people of Ware in a whole host of issues and matters of local interest, such as town planning and the Stansted Airport expansion, and their effect on the Town.

The Town Council precepts on the East Herts District Council for the amount of monies estimated to be required for Town Council purposes in each financial year. The Town Council has 11 elected members from whom the Town Mayor is elected annually.

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