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Eco aWare Community Day

To mark the end of the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow known as COP 26*, Ware Town Council is hosting an ‘Eco aWare Community Day’ on Saturday, 13th November 2021. Taking place from 10am to 2pm, this FREE event is designed to highlight the positive actions and changes that we can make locally to help protect the future of the planet and reverse the climate crisis. The day will feature a number of mini presentations and speakers from Ware and Hertfordshire on topics including garden biodiversity, beekeeping, community crowdfunding and ways you can make a difference. There will be children’s activities and entertainment and stallholders from different organisations and more.

UPDATE – At the end of the event at 2pm we will be screening The Lorax, based on Dr Seuss’ 70’s kids book with an environmental awareness message that’s only grown more relevant over the past four decades.

*Glasgow is preparing to host the United Nation’s climate change conference known as COP26, as delegates from around the world prepare to meet to discuss safeguarding the future of the planet and reversing the climate crisis. The summit will take place at the Scottish Event Campus (SEC) from 31st October to 12th November and welcome around 120 world leaders and more than 20,000 delegates. it’s important that we do all we can to lead more sustainable lives with associated health and wellbeing benefits. Each day of COP26 will focus on a different theme, from clean energy, zero-emission transport and protecting nature, across themes like science, innovation and inclusivity.

However, it is anticipated that given the size and nature of the event there may be some disruption and cause for protest. In Ware we would like to embody the spirit of the conference so that we can all do what we can to lead more sustainable lives for the future of our planet.

Speaker Schedule:

Mayor of Ware, Cllr Ian Kemp will open the event formally at 10am.

Time Speaker
10:05amAndy Murphy – Wombles of Ware Abouts
10:20amSarah Fenton and Cllr Martin Butcher – Ware Cup
10:40amGavin Vollans – Priory Park crowdfunding
11:00amAndy French – Hertford and Ware Beekeepers
11:20amTerry Philpott – Ware Town Council eco activities
11:40amMadela Baddock – Waste Warriors
12:00pmDave Willis – Herts Wildlife Trust
12:20pmJames Frecknall – Community Orchard
12:40pmClaudia Murphy – Wombles of Ware Abouts
1:00pmAndy French – Hertford and Ware Beekeepers
1:20pmMadela Baddock- Waste Warriors
1:40pmSarah Fenton and Cllr Martin Butcher – Ware Cup

‘Top 10 Easy Eco-Swaps’

Courtesy of Kirsty Taylor-Moran

Top 10 Easy Eco Swaps

-Washing up sponge: Most household sponges are made from plastic. There are lots of natural alternatives for every style of washing up implement; from coconut fibre scourers to tampico bristle brushes with replaceable heads. You can also find straight swaps for your usual choice of tool in compostable kitchen sponges and recyclable steel scourers.

-Plant based milk: Plant based milk alternatives have a much lower carbon footprint than cow’s milk. Oat milk is just one option that is wonderful for tea, coffee and cereal and exists as a refill as well as in recyclable tetrapak containers.

 –Refill Cleaning Products: If you are lucky enough to live near a refill shop you can reuse your existing cleaning product packaging and refill them with effective, eco-friendly and ethically sourced cleaning products from washing up liquid to floor cleaner. Paying by weight means you can refill as much or as little as you need.

 –Shampoo bar: Solid shampoo bars come in a variety of formulations so there’s something for every hair type. Not only are they great for travel, they are a planet friendly alternative too because they prevent the unnecessary transportation of water in liquid shampoo.

 –Sandwich bag: Whether it’s your kid’s school packed lunch or a picnic in the park, there are lots of swaps to choose from instead of using a single use plastic sandwich bag. Reusable silicone bags are robust, microwave, oven and dishwasher proof and multi-purpose. Choose a cloth sandwich pouch that can be put in the washing machine or another option could be a beeswax wrap, which can also be used for wrapping leftovers at home.

 –Compostable cling film: Some habits are hard to break, including using cling film in the kitchen. Luckily, corn starch based home-compostable cling film exists to replace your current plastic based film.

 –Reusable shopping bag: With the introduction of the plastic bag charge, there’s more reason than ever to carry your own reusable bag at all times. You don’t need a purpose bought bag, any plastic bag you already own or cotton tote will do the trick. They are lightweight to carry and means you’ll never be caught short. There are many more aesthetically pleasing swaps, including organic cotton string bags, Fair Trade cotton totes and even Kind patterned carrier bags made from recycled plastic bottles.

-Safety razor: Razor blade packaging is notoriously hard to recycle. Swap to a reusable safety razor and have a razor handle for life. It works out considerably cheaper long term even with the initial investment in the razor because safety blades are considerably cheaper (often less than 40p a blade).

-Laundry sheets: If you can’t make it to a refill shop on a regular basis, eco-friendly laundry sheets are a brilliant alternative to laundry liquid. A little goes a long way and you simply tear off an appropriate sized piece of the sheet depending on your laundry load size.

 –Dissolvable cleaning pods: If you want to avoid buying endless plastic bottles of household cleaning products or maybe like the idea of making your own cleaning products but are short on time, dissolvable pods by Ocean Saver are for you. Simply mix the pod with water to create your cleaning solution.