Ware Town Council

Serving the Local Community


Ware Town Council is the successor authority to Ware Urban District Council and was established under the Local Government Act 1972. One of the very first decisions the successor “parish council” took was the designation Ware Town Council with the Chairman “automatically” being called “Town Mayor” from 1 April 1974.

Ware Town Council along with East Hertfordshire District Council and Hertfordshire County Council provide the local government services for the town. The Council comprises 11 Members who are all elected every four years from Christchurch Ward (3 Members), Chadwell Ward (2 Members), St Mary’s Ward (3 Members) and Trinity Ward (3 Members).

The Mayor and Deputy Mayor are elected each year by the Members of the Council. The Mayor receives an allowance for the purposes of undertaking his/her Mayoral duties. No other Member receives any pay or allowances (except travel costs outside the town on official business).

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The Council holds its Annual Meeting (Mayor Making) in May each year and meets on 5 other occasions during the year.

The Council has the following committees…

  • Planning Committee (every 3 weeks)
  • Tourism, Leisure and Amenities Advisory Committee (5 meetings a year)
  • Finance & Resources, Charities and Cemetery Committee (5 meetings a year)

The Council provides …

Advice and support activities

Administrative support is provided to Members as part of the Council’s decision making process. This includes officer time spent on the preparation of agenda items and reports to Council, minutes and attendance of meetings involving Members<


The Town Council is consulted in the planning process and submits comments to East Herts District Council and Hertfordshire County Council on all planning applications concerning development within Ware. Residents may attend meetings of the Council’s Planning Committee and may make statements either for or against a particular development. The Council is also consulted on the Local Development Framework and Core Strategy and other Plans such as the Local Transport and the Waste Management Plans. The Council’s written representations on all planning matters are presented to meetings of the District Council’s Development Control Committee.

Customer services

The Council’s Office at Ware Priory is a useful information point for the public; a “one-stop-shop” where information is provided not only about the Town Council’s services but also on matters involving the services outside the remit of the Council.

Representational issues

The Town Council is the representative voice of Ware’s residents and lobbies other agencies and organisations on various matters in relation to the services that they provide. Examples include highway issues e.g. traffic calming measures and road safety schemes and the proposed Stansted Airport Expansion. The Council is represented on a number of charitable bodies and local organisations in the town.

Administrative services

The Town Council undertakes many administrative duties in the performance of its functions all undertaken through the Town Clerk and a staff of three full time officers and two part time officers located at Ware Priory.

These include:

  • Elections (operated by the District Council)
  • Council and Committee meetings
  • Implementation of Council’s decisions
  • Employment of staff, pay, employment law etc
  • Financial control of council affairs, investments and insurances
  • Legislative requirements
  • Project contracts, purchasing and property management
  • Health and Safety legislation and compliance
  • Staff and Member training
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Public reception, information, archives and document security
  • Updating and monitoring all Council Policies

Other support services

The Town Council also supports and promotes the role of the Mayor within the local community through, among other things, the Annual Mayor Making, Civic and Remembrance Services, Mayor’s charitable events and Annual Town Meeting.

Other services that the Council provides include:

  • Christmas Lights switch on
  • Ware Youth Town Council
  • Town Clock and the War Memorial
  • Band Concerts
  • Children’s and Senior Cinema
  • Rock in the Priory
  • Ware Festival
  • Grants to Ware Museum
  • Grants to other local organisations
  • Tourist Information Point
  • Ware Town Partnership for Ware in Bloom and Dickensian Evening

Finally, the provision of information required by members of the public in the exercise of statutory rights (other than about specific services); completing, submitting and publishing statements of accounts and annual reports; treasury management; external audit and external inspections are all part of the Council’s services.

The Council’s staff will endeavour to deal with all enquiries efficiently, effectively, speedily and courteously and without bias of any form.

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