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Priory Park


The Priory Park is situated on Priory Street in between The Priory Building and The Priory Lido.

What’s Here?

Set within the beautiful Priory Grounds, the Priory Park has a variety of play equipment and is a great place to come and play or just relax. There are plenty of benches so you can sit down while your children are playing on the equipment. There is also plenty of grass to run around or play football.


In the Priory Grounds, just in the corner behind the Skate Park there is a kiosk which is open in the summer and is a service for both the Lido and the Priory Park. So if you need a drink in the sun or fancy an ice cream in the summer there is no need to leave the park.

Skate Park:

Converted from an old Tennis court, the Skatepark is now a big attraction for the park. After being built in 2011 it has become especially popular with teenagers in the summer. The Skatepark consists of a variety of ramps including a jump box, quarter pipes, flat banks, ledges and rails. There is also a mini ramp (as seen on the left) which is more commonly used by scooters.

Opening Times: 

The Priory Park is open every morning from 08.00am and is closed at either 08.00pm or dusk whichever is earliest.

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