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21 June 2021 UPDATE – Tender issued

The tender document for the new skatepark was issued this week with a decision to be made on submissions at the end of July 2021. On the appointment of the successful provider we will enter into a post tender design phase and further consultation with the youth & user groups and interested community members. Click here to view the tender document.


The site of the Ware skatepark in Priory Park has recently been cleared to make way for a new, purpose-built facility later this year. Construction is expected to begin in September 2021. The original plan was to refurbish the skatepark that was built in 2011. However, on investigation a structural breakdown was found and it was agreed to take down the skatepark and look at all options. It was sad to say goodbye to a skatepark that has served the community well and for so long, but we are excited for what’s to come!


Ware Town Council and HCC Services for Young People have been consulting with Ware Street Crew, Ware & Hertford Youth Participation Group and East Herts Youth Strategy Group to ensure we can provide a skatepark that includes features suitable for all ages and abilities. The groups’ initial thoughts on the scheme are summarised here:

Ware skatepark is there for young people to enjoy, have fun and engage in social activity. It can also be a good meeting point for young people to make new friends and engage with other young people to encourage their personal development and for older young people to become a good role model for younger children. It encourages healthy competition and gives a positive adrenaline rush.  It develops a person’s physical and mental wellbeing. Being outdoors in the fresh air of the park and exercising can be seen as a good way to release stress and is a good form of anger management for young people who struggle with personal issues. It encourages young people to take part in physical activity over other activity which is not positive and self-destructive. Young people can use it to set goals, and achieve them, which can lead to a boost in self-confidence and self-esteem. The skatepark is seen as a safe space for young people and children alike within the local community. This provides reassurance for parents as it helps them to know where their children and young people are and supervise them appropriately.  We feel that introducing a newer remodelled skate park will encourage families and young people to use the local amenities providing a good income for local businesses and the opportunity to expand the community and businesses available.

We are fortunate to also be partnering with other organisations and experts in the field who are kindly supporting us with advice and guidance. This includes ABC Skateboarding and Highway Cycles, who will be with us throught the consultation and design process and be involved with launch activities.

Get Involved

We are keen to hear from local skateboarders, BMX and scooter riders and residents who want to get involved. Please email info@waretowncouncil.gov.uk.

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